YouTube players.

8 05 2008

I just got an e-mail that took issue with this part of my Perspectives article:

“What separates YouTube from other sites with historical footage available is
not just the ability to post movies of your own (which is not a prerequisite
for using the site), but the fact that you cannot download clips from YouTube
onto your computer for viewing independent of the site. As its help page
explains, “YouTube’s video player is designed to be used within your browser
as an Internet experience.””

YouTube’s video player is designed to be used within your browser, but it looks like there are folks out there who have invented YouTube players so that you can download stuff off the site and play it separately. I’m going to start experimenting with the one my correspondent suggested and get back to you on how it works. If you’re interested, you can find that player here:



4 responses

11 05 2008
download youtube

yes youtube somtimes change they system, so people cant download from youtube, so we must need to change download system when youtube change they system again and again …

23 05 2008

real player has a nice little pop up that offers to download every clip for me. works very well.

19 06 2008
Live and learn. « More or Less Bunk

[…] since I wrote this AHA Perspectives article about teaching history with YouTube, I’ve been peppered with e-mails explaining that it is in fact possible to download videos from YouTube and play them back from your […]

23 10 2009

I’m gonna check this one for sure.
Till now I was using

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