What’s going on at CSU-Pueblo, Part 8.

16 02 2014

“As part of the budget plan, professors will be required to teach four courses in the spring semester and four courses in the fall semester.

“On this new 4-4 plan some of us would go from teaching nine (credit) hours a semester to 12 hours a semester and as a result, we would be paid the same small amount,” [Associate Professor of Physics William] Brown said.

“If you do the math it turns out that we would be getting a 25 percent pay reduction.”

Brown said the school’s managers, who he said were responsible for the budget crisis, are not taking pay cuts.

“I don’t know why we as faculty members and teachers, who have had no part whatsoever in this financial problem, why we should have to pay the primary price,” Brown said.”

- Anthony A. Mestas, “Prof takes aim at staff managers,” Pueblo Chieftain, February 16, 2014.

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16 02 2014

Trying to think up some creative responses…. say, a couple of formal proposals to the Faculty Senate–

1.) Faculty Handbook revision: Research shall be eliminated as a category of evaluation for retention, tenure, and promotion.

2.) Truth in advertising 1: In recognition of the importance of research to a university, CSU-Pueblo shall be renamed Pueblo State College.

3.) Truth in advertising 2: Ask the External Affairs office to issue a press release titled, “Working-Class and Hispanic Students Thrown Under the Bus.” Text of the release would explain the term “disparate impact” as it pertains to the education of already marginalized students.

OK, the idea would not be to do these things, just to use them to get the underlying ideas into the papers–to publicize some of the true costs of higher-ed austerity.

16 02 2014

I think these are brilliant ideas. Clearly, Di Mare’s letter hedges in its language with its use of the passive voice and subjunctive tense. Aggressive pushback might work because the admins don’t want to be the only people wielding the bloody hatchets. They’re counting on at least department chairs to buy into the notion that these work speedups are “inevitable.” What would happen if department chairs and unit heads refused to order the work speedup?

16 02 2014
Jonathan Rees

That is an excellent question. I am quite certain that somewhere on campus we are going to find out.

16 02 2014
16 02 2014

Maybe as a protest everyone could go around campus wearing that famous Chaplin moustache? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT-mVVprnbs

16 02 2014

You’re absolutely right about the rhetoric — it’s priceless. Composition teachers could use it as an example in their classes. It would be nice to see a department chair refuse to go along and then, when they get called on the carpet to be fired as chair, to see them point out the letter’s use of the word “requested.”

16 02 2014
Poor management at CSU-Pueblo means work speedup for the proles : Historiann : History and sexual politics, 1492 to the present

[…] Rees at More or Less Bunk publishes CSU-Pueblo President Leslie Di Mare’s letter explaining that professors who teach a 3-3 now wi….  He also links to this article in the Pueblo Chieftan which publishes Professor William […]

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