The Real Financial Situation at CSU-Pueblo

3 02 2014

Jonathan Rees:

Heaven help us, I’ve gotten editorial privileges at the AAUP Colorado Conference blog!

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One of the strategies that the CSU-Pueblo AAUP chapter has employed during the recent budget crisis there is to make requests under the Colorado Open Records Act (or CORA) to try to get a better understanding of their university’s true budget picture.  Is this budget crisis contrived or is it real?  If it’s real, is the real cause of that crisis too many employees?

Below are a few e-mails released in response to those requests that begin to answer some of these questions, but which raise many more.  These e-mails do suggest that Chancellor Michael Martin saw budget problems at the school long before the current crisis began in December, Dean Roy Sonnema of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences told his department chairs that President Lesley Di Mare told him that the Chancellor was “requiring” the current round of cuts.

If the budget situation at CSU-Pueblo is really…

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