What’s going on at CSU-Pueblo?, Part 7.

29 01 2014

“The administration did not request the SWAT but was notified by the Sheriff’s office that a SWAT is standard operating procedure in the operations plan for a large scale event or multiple events such as occurred on campus on Friday,” [Executive Director of External Affairs Cora] Zaletel said.”

- Christine Wiabel, “University experiences increased police presence due to recent events,” CSU-Pueblo Today, January 26, 2014.

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3 responses

29 01 2014

Why station a SWAT team near a political rally? Says the news article: “to be reactionary.”

Good, honest reporting.

29 01 2014

No wonder Martin and Di Mare were so upset by the comparisons to Ludlow. McGettigan exposed their secret plans!!!!

Seriously, now: does CSU Pueblo want to host the next UC-Davis-style Pepper Spraying Cop incident? Because that worked out so well for them.

29 01 2014

Back in the day, before campus leaders went all squishy, they didn’t just keep a SWAT team nearby, they called in the National Guard. Not UC Davis, but Kent State. Our authoritarians think so small these days.

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