CSU-Pueblo AAUP Chapter Urges President Di Mare to Rectify a “Terrible Mistake”

23 01 2014

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The leadership of the CSU-Pueblo AAUP chapter has called upon President Lesley Di Mare to fully restore Professor Tim McGettigan’s email privileges, publicly apologize to Professor McGettigan, and make a strong statement to the campus community–and the nation–that the CSU-Pueblo administration respects basic principles of academic freedom and the participation of faculty in shared governance. The letter is posted in its entirety below. An excerpt:

For the CSU-P administration to shut off McGettigan’s speech…suggests an administration which has fundamentally abandoned the basic idea of academic freedom on which the health of higher education depends, and likewise abandoned any ice of working with faculty…The future of collaboration between faculty and administration at CSU-P is at stake, as is the national reputation of the institution…we beg you to repudiate this terrible mistake.

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2 responses

24 01 2014
Chuck Rybak (@ChuckRybak)

Thanks for writing so much about this–this is really important and something that anyone who cares about education should be paying attention to.

24 01 2014

Item #5 in the letter is a nice touch. The deputy counsel’s advice, at least as manifested in her letter to McGettigan, does seem pretty “terrible,” not just in the sense of being legally wrong, and not just in the sense of generating some terrible PR, but also in the sense of cynically misusing policy to stomp on the face of dissent. Wrong legally, pragmatically, and ethically. Epic fail.

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