Now apologize for implying that he’s a threat to public safety.

22 01 2014

So you say you read about what’s happening to my friend Tim McGettigan and you want to know what’s going on at CSU-Pueblo now? From this morning’s Pueblo Chieftain:

Colorado State University-Pueblo officials said they restored the email account of professor Tim McGettigan on Monday evening, but they continue to block his ability to send email to large groups of university faculty, students or staff.

“His email was restored but he can’t use large distribution groups at this time and that’s subject to review,” said Cora Zalatel, CSU-Pueblo spokeswoman.

Zalatel said she couldn’t comment on other issues, such as why McGettigan’s email was cut off or restored, because it was a “personnel matter.”

Did the administration do this because the CSU-Pueblo Faculty Senate is holding a meeting next Monday afternoon about whether to vote no confidence in the Chancellor, the President, the Provost and every single dean? Did the administration do this because the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) sent our President a five-page letter that shredded every single one of the administration’s legal justifications?

It doesn’t matter. It’s not enough.

First, Tim needs to get ALL of his e-mail privileges restored. He forwarded me his thank you e-mail to FIRE this morning in which he said that he would keep fighting for precisely that. Second, President Di Mare needs to apologize to Tim personally and publicly for implying that he was ever a threat to public safety in the first place.

None of Tim’s many friends on this campus will be satisfied with anything less.

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3 responses

22 01 2014

So good to know that they backed down. I fear, however, that hoping for a real apology is asking more than you should expect.

But this story is why tenure matters, for all of us. And those of us who have it need to feel free to use it.

22 01 2014
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22 01 2014
Paul W

I’m surprised *anyone* is allowed to send messages to the entire campus via a few distribution lists. That seems to be asking for trouble.

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