Wow. Just wow.

20 01 2014

IHE has updated their Tim McGettigan story with a statement from our president:

“On Monday afternoon, a spokeswoman for Colorado State-Pueblo sent an email to Inside Higher Ed saying that McGettigan had violated the policy on use of electronic communications. Further, she released a statement from President Lesley Di Mare, in which she invoked recent incidents of violence in education. “Considering the lessons we’ve all learned from Columbine, Virginia Tech, and more recently Arapahoe High School, I can only say that the security of our students, faculty, and staff are our top priority,” Di Mare said. “CSU-Pueblo is facing some budget challenges right now, which has sparked impassioned criticism and debate across our campus community. That’s entirely appropriate, and everyone on campus – no matter how you feel about the challenges at hand – should be able to engage in that activity in an environment that is free of intimidation, harassment, and threats. CSU-Pueblo has a wonderful and vibrant community, and the university has a bright future. I’m confident that we can solve our challenges with respectful debate and creative problem-solving so that we can focus on building that future together.”

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20 01 2014

Did I read this right or is it time for a nap? Is protesting or perhaps even caring deeply about this kind of admin decision now considered an act of domestic terrorism?


20 01 2014
Contingent Cassandra

Hmm. . .so now using metaphors/analogies to highlight the (economic/class/geographical but not physical) violence of someone else’s actions constitutes a threat of physical violence? I think your president needs to come take my intro to literary analysis class.

20 01 2014
Contingent Cassandra

Also, how in the world is he supposed to teach without email? Leaving aside questions about the relative value of in-person and virtual contact (more students showing up at his office hours might not, admittedly, be a bad thing), I get many more student questions via email than in any other way. I’m also required to state, and adhere to, a “reasonable” email turnaround interval on my syllabi (and in many places I believe the turnaround interval is specified in the faculty handbook). Is he next going to get into trouble for not answering student emails in a timely fashion? I can maybe see suspending his access to campus-wide listservs while they decide whether he has violated the terms of use for those (though if they’re going to have campus-wide listservs, discussing a threat to the university’s well-being strikes me as a completely appropriate use for them), but all email?

20 01 2014
Karen Michalson

Double triple wow! This decision is redolent of the sort of thing we’ve come to expect from quasi-educated public high school administrators hiding behind some half-assed zero tolerance policy, not from college presidents. So President Lesley Di Mare really can’t distinguish between an historical allusion used as a metaphor and “intimidation, harassment, and threats”? She’s obviously violating Professor McGettigan’s academic freedom by punishing him for expressing a viewpoint she doesn’t like. I suspect if he used those same metaphors in defense of the administration he’d still have his email account. Di Mare is either badly in need of a literature class, as Contingent Cassandra said, or she’s a censor who understands exactly what she’s silencing. Neither reflects well.

21 01 2014

This is just astonishing. I agree with CC, your president needs some humanities classes to understand analogy, violence, power….

21 01 2014

How do you like Lesley Di Mare now, Jonathan?

What a tool.

22 01 2014
Now apologize for implying that he’s a threat to public safety. | More or Less Bunk

[…] you say you read about what’s happening to my friend Tim McGettigan and you want to know what’s going on at CSU-Pueblo now? From this […]

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