What’s going on at CSU-Pueblo?, Part 6.

19 01 2014

How will the CSU System’s new Denver South initiative impact CSU-Pueblo?

The CSU Denver South initiative is a response to an invitation from the business community in the Denver market. Local business leaders asked the CSU System to deliver very specific programs in nursing, business and engineering that address the needs of students and the labor force in Denver’s South Metro region. Almost exclusively, CSU Denver South will serve a place- or circumstance-bound population that would not likely attend one of the System’s physical campuses, including CSU-Pueblo. CSU-Pueblo’s nursing program is one of the cornerstones of this new initiative and the university’s business college will play a role as well. Fundamentally, CSU Denver South may provide new opportunities for CSU-Pueblo to generate revenue, increase enrollment and employ faculty. CSU Denver South is a new opportunity for all the institutions of the CSU System to serve students in a region where there currently is not a CSU footprint. This is a revenue-generating opportunity that CSU-Pueblo would not have access to if it were not part of the CSU System.”

- Frequently Asked Questions, Colorado State University – Pueblo Budget Central.

“Jonathan Rees, a history professor at CSU-Pueblo, still had concerns Saturday.
“My concern is that we are firing people in Southern Colorado in order to educate people in Northern Colorado,” Rees said.
“I realize that if this succeeds the university may make money in the long run, but I think the university’s mission is to be a regional comprehensive university.
“He said the university’s mission is to educate people in Southern Colorado and not going to Northern Colorado, where the money is.
“I am so proud of our students who attended the forum Friday because the university has to be accountable to them.”

- Anthony Mestas, “Official: Denver didn’t affect Pueblo,” Pueblo Chieftain, January 19, 2014.*

* Subs. req., at least as I type this.

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